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Welcome to Trifecta Ventures

Trifecta Ventures isn’t really a new company! It’s a merger of powerful forces in the houseboating community. Thoroughbred Houseboats, Sumerset Houseboats and Stardust Cruisers have formed Trifecta Ventures, which is a joint venture consolidating the manufacture of the three premier houseboat brands under one roof.

Stardust Cruisers, Sumerset Houseboats and Thoroughbred Houseboats will now be built in an expanded manufacturing facility located in Monticello, Ky. Each brand will keep its own identity, but will be able to pull their power in the industry together, sharing their vast knowledge and experience.

Making the decision to buy a new houseboat is an exciting venture! It is so much more than going to a marina and picking one out! It is deciding what kind of houseboating lifestyle suits your needs and dreams! And just like buying a new home, you need to decide if you want to buy one that is already built and ready to go; or do you want to create a custom built houseboat with all the bells and whistles on your list?

Trifecta Ventures offers the best of both worlds! We have a selection of used houseboats for sale; or you can choose to build a new custom houseboat. Where to start? Take a look at the photo galleries from Stardust Cruisers, Thoroughbred Houseboats and Sumerset Houseboats and pick out some of your favorite features and styles. Then give us a call or and email and we’ll get the process started!

Trifecta Houseboat Services

Houseboat Design
Making the decision to build a new houseboat is an exciting venture! How big? How many staterooms? What will the top deck need to have? What other innovations are on your list? Start by taking a look at the floorplans available from Stardust Cruisers, Thoroughbred and Sumerset Houseboats. The manufacturing and design team behind these companies have over 40 years building exceptional houseboats. Our talented professionals and engineers will provide you with an unparalleled level of service.
Design & Production
All facets of design and production are completed in-house at our Trifecta Ventures manufacturing facility located in Monticello, Kentucky. Combining new technology along with proven engineering enables us to build a superior houseboat each and every time. Our longevity in this business is a result of a genuine understanding of our clients’ desires and their needs. Our talented team of tradespeople includes engineers, welding, carpenters, mechanical and interior design.
Thoroughbred Houseboats not only stands for the leader in quality, perfection, and a big part of the history of houseboats, but also the future of houseboats. It is our heartfelt goal to make houseboats more efficient, safer, and more comfortable… and TRIFECTA VENTURES is proud to have them as part of our team.

With our years of houseboating knowledge we are able to help maximize the design for the end use while creating distinctive designs. Thoroughbred Houseboats was the company behind the unmistakable glass sides! Learn more about our innovative designs!

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