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Three Brands, One Vision. Trifecta Houseboats is the merger of three nationally recognized leaders in the houseboat industry: Sumerset, Thoroughbred, and Stardust. Though we still create each individual brand with its unique features, we are often able to integrate the best features from each into our new boat.

Every piece of a Trifecta boat is manufactured or installed by hand in our facility. Our team is trained to own their craft. We thoroughly inspect parts, materials, and workmanship, and guarantee our work each and every time.

There are several manufacturers to choose from in the houseboat market today. When you think of quality, service, and longevity of a boat, think of Trifecta Houseboats.


Do your homework and you’ll quickly see that our brands have a lasting 65-year legacy. Trifecta is the largest manufacturer of houseboats in the industry today.

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