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Trifecta Houseboats is the merger of three nationally recognized leaders in the houseboat industry: Sumerset, Thoroughbred, and Stardust. Though we still create each individual brand with its unique features, we are often able to integrate the best features from each into our new boat builts. Click on a brand name below to learn more.

Trifecta - Thoroughbred brand


Thoroughbred Houseboats has been in business since 1996 when a group of local craftsmen joined forces to manufacture Kentucky’s best built custom houseboats. The first of these houseboats rolled off the assembly line in 1997 and we have been producing top-quality custom houseboats ever since. At Thoroughbred, customer satisfaction, quality, and design are our number one top priority.

We listen to our customers’ needs and wants trying to meet and exceed their expectations. A lot of our design and improvements are customer driven, starting with the customer asking “can you do this?” Today, Thoroughbred builds top quality houseboats, centered around our customers’ ideas, making Thoroughbred “The Best Built Boat,” as well as, the best “Glass on the Water” houseboat available.

Thoroughbred offers “Complete Customization”, “Unlimited Design options”, as well as, building a boat to meet and exceed top quality, safety and value. Our customers are our number one asset! Combine all this with the commitment to superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, personalized customer service, outstanding quality, and you have the reasons why Thoroughbred is the leader in the business.

Thoroughbred Houseboat luxury yacht
Sumerset - Thoroughbred Yacht top bar
Sumerset - Thoroughbred Yach 1
Sumerset - Thoroughbred Yacht top2


Stardust Cruisers is well-known for bridging the unique features of a houseboat with the sleek-styling of a luxury yacht.

When you want to see yourself as the Captain of your yacht, you’ll appreciate the stardust yacht-inspired styling.

So many houseboat innovations started at Stardust. Well before thrusters were common and widely available for houseboat applications, Stardust pioneered the use of thrusters with unique jet-pump and actuator valves. This can-do attitude and problem-solving heritage is now part of the Trifecta Family.

Sumerset - Luxury Yacht
Sumerset - Houseboats on lake
Sumerset - Houseboats kitchen

Sumerset Houseboats

Sumerset Houseboats has been at the heart of the houseboat community since 1953. Beginning as a humble idea born in the Lake Cumberland area, Sumerset built houseboating into a unique lifestyle. While much has changed in the industry over the years, the Sumerset name remains a hallmark with houseboat owners.

All of us at Trifecta Houseboats are committed to expanding Sumerset’s 65 year legacy well into the twenty-first century.

Trifecta Houseboats is continuing the legacy, integrating the retro design that made Sumerset a much desired brand with innovative styling that includes latest design elements, technologies and fabrication capabilities. Sumerset is renowned for maintaining value; we are dedicated to continuing that tradition.

“In Early

2014 my wife, Marlene, and I launched our first houseboat, “Freedom”, built by Trifecta Houseboats. We were pleased with the overall quality and workmanship. When we began considering building a second boat, “Liberty”, we again contacted Trifecta Houseboats. “Liberty” was launched in the fall of 2018. We appreciated the professionalism and courteousness of Debbie Sharpe Tapp and Jason Stockton. Both were instrumental in turning the experience gained with “Freedom” and our new ideas into our boat “Liberty”. The quality and workmanship is excellent. The quick response in supporting the few issues that have come up while getting to know the boat have been a significant benefit. If you are considering a new houseboat or refurbishing your current boat, give Jason of Trifecta Houseboats a call. You will be glad you did.”

David Linderman

Sumerset - Houseboats classic

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